Church History

The History of Our Church Begins...

... In the summer of 1974, when 22 people along with their leader, the Reverend I.W. Wilson started meeting in the home of Reverend and Mrs. Wilson. The name True Love Missionary Baptist Church was established while persevering through many trials and hardships. The name was given to the late Reverend I. W. Wilson from God.

The story begins when the late Pastor Wilson saw the current property on “H” street and had a vision of how he could improve the community with the property. On July 2, 1973, the Lord led Reverend Wilson to talk with a man who once owned the property where our church stands today. The original asking price for the property was $65,000.00. But because of God’s goodness and mercy, the price went down to $35,000.00 with a down payment of $5,000.00.

At that time the church had no money, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we began negotiations. Reverend Wilson used personal property and members gave what they could. Then donations began pouring in from everywhere. The community donated labor, while the women of True Love sold barbecue dinners nearly every day to help with costs. An experienced carpenter, Frank Chamberlain, completed the trusses at no charge. Truly God was blessing our church. We were grateful to those who stopped by the work site. Some helped build while others came to encourage us, all of whom we appreciated.

We broke ground on September 9, 1974 and the construction of our church began on September 10,

1974. Less than 6 months later we moved into the edifice on January 18, 1975 and although we did not have heat or air conditioning, we held service anyway. Our organizer had a vision from the Lord and he moved on that authority. It was a struggle but God’s grace and mercy was – and still is – sufficient.

We dedicated the building to God on Easter Sunday, March 28, 1975. In 1977 the fellowship hall that seats 150 was added to the structure of the existing building. The sanctuary seats 600.

At that time we had a membership of 100 dedicated followers of Jesus that has now grown to well over 400 active members and still continues to grow every Sunday. The name, True Love, was rightly given because of the LOVE that is shared among us. “Now by these things, FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, and LOVE is the greatest.”

Our beloved founding Pastor, the late Reverend I. W. Wilson, dedicated his life to the vision of True Love. He gave more time and energy to the construction of this building than any other.

In August 2005 the torch was passed to our new Pastor, Reverend Willie Jacobs, Jr. and his wife, Sister Minnie Jacobs. Pastor Jacobs’ first vision was to honor our founding Pastor by renaming the fellowship hall the “Reverend I.W. Wilson Fellowship Hall”.

Though we were saddened by the homegoing of Reverend I. W. Wilson in May 2007, we continue to move forward under the leadership of Pastor Willie Jacobs, Jr. 

We are moving forward to our next generation, equipping them and preparing them for the work of the Lord… Because it is not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about Jesus!

Our leader, Reverend Jacobs’ vision for our church is to study, grow, mature, and be disciples. Reverend Willie Jacobs desires all of us to be responsible, faithful, and committed to the church.

Furthermore, we are constantly taking innovative approaches to building up the kingdom of god and equipping the Saints. Our church will have a place for classrooms allowing us to increase our Christian Education efforts as well as offering a place where our ministries can plan and meet to develop greater ministries. We are trusting in God because we know that God will provide! To God be the glory!

Our Motto: “We are a friendly church with eternal love. Don’t just watch us grow, come and grow with us!”